Source info

This is a list of most of the sources I have found information and have posted it on the web site. Copyright apply to all the providers and sources put on this web site. Thank you. Danis Family Members.

1. World Family Tree
Another name for, Family Tree Maker . Most of the information came from there disks.


2. Jeanette Danis
Jeanette Danis is my 3rd Cousin, a great friend, and a huge help to many of us. She helps us with people from Martin Danis all the way down the Nicholas Danis Line. I would like to thank her for everything that she has done for our heritage and helping me find my GG Grandfather.

3. Susanne C. Danis
Some information now and soon much more is hers. She is very detected to our heritage and this web site. I would like to thank her for all of the ideas and information.


4. Jan Smith
One of the most detected field researchers around. Thank God you are one of us. Thank you for everything you have done.


5. World Wide Web
All the genealogy web sites I can find.

I will be adding all of my sources soon.

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