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This Web Site is in bad need of some work. It will be up I hope some time around 1-1-04. Some links and functions still work and will remain available to you. I hope to have the GED back up and other things. I would also like to add pictures so please send them.

The Danis Surname Resource Centrč

Lawrence Mandalski is the coordinator of this Surname Resource Centrč. To get in touch with him click on his name.

This is the new format for our web site. I have set it up for easier navagation. There are 8 sections, A-H. If you would like me to add anything at all, Please contact me.

Seciton A: Information
1. About The Web Master
2. Sources
3. Copyright Info
Section B: Communication / Querys
1. The Danis Message Board
2. Chat 
Section C: Online Databases
1. Online Database
2. Online Tree
3. Download the Database (Gedcom)
Section D: Record Department
1. Archives - Records & Deeds
2. Danis Military Records
3. Census
Seciton E: Researchers
1. Surname Researchers 
Section F: Links
1. Homepage Links
2.  General Genealogy Links 
Section G: Submit / Questions Comments
1. Submit your information
2. Send me comments
3. How You Can help
Section H: Things By Family Members / and Fun Things
1. Books By Danis Family Members (Not Genealogy Books)
2. Games

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